London Brows launches in EUROPE this April

We are happy to announce that London Brows USA will open in Europe at the end of April. This means that all our amazing products will be shipped directly from the Netherlands to all of Europe and the UK. In order to accomplish this, we had to make sure that all of the products were EU approved. We are very happy to announce that ADDY, our lash glue, meets Europes high standards.

In America lash glue is called adhesive. This is why we called our glue ADDY. We are launching our 10ml ADDY for a starting price of 32 Euros until the end of June. After that it will be its regular price of 45 Euros.

London Brows ADDY is very easy to use. It dries very quickly and has fantastic retention. We have glues for high and low humidity to make your lash life easier. We also sell black or clear glues. Clear glues have even better retention than black glue. We sell hygrometers (humidity readers) on our website, so that you can check what your humidity is while you work. We have a blog written about how each glue works on our site so that you can easily work out which glue will work the best in your working environment.

We will also be launching our lash basics as well. We will carry classic and volume lashes for Europe. These lashes will range from 0.03 up to 0.18 in diameter and be available in curls C,D and LD. Included in our basic lineup will be tweezers, lash wash, eye pads, mascara wands; basically everything you need to create amazing lash sets on your gorgeous clients.

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